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JCC bus duct - dense


ProdcutName:JCC bus duct - dense



Classification: JCA series bus duct is similar to JCC Series in structure. It uses aluminum bar as conductor, its density is less than copper, and its weight is lighter. Because its conductivity is lower than that of copper, the width of JCA series conductor is larger than that of JCC series under the same ampere rating. The conductor is closely fitted, with small spacing, small reactance, good heat dissipation, low temperature rise, good thermal stability, large current carrying capacity and excellent energy saving effect. The aluminum alloy profile with heat sink is used as the shell, which has high strength and excellent heat dissipation effect, without eddy noise and eddy loss. Dense insulated bus duct is mainly applicable to the power transmission and distribution system of chemical, metallurgical, industrial and mining enterprises, cultural stadiums, exhibition halls, airports, stations, commercial buildings and other social public places and high-rise buildings

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